ITEC 2021 Final Program

ITEC 2021 Speakers

ITEC 2021 Program

This year we have invited six world-class keynotes to share their perspective on current state and future trends in transportation electrification. There are 10 short courses and tutorials offered by internationally renowned experts, covering important aspects of component and drivetrain design, new materials, and emerging electric transportation applications in rail and aerospace. I would also like to call your attention to 8 industry panels covering a wide array of topics including trends in aircraft, commercial and off road vehicle electrification, power electronics and battery management challenges, transportation electrification policy, EV motor design trends, and virtual prototyping. The program also includes over 200 presentations of high quality technical papers.


The virtual format allowed the Organizing Committee to spread out the conference proceedings over 5 days to allow more opportunities for formal and informal interactions. In particular, the on-line platform allows for on-demand viewing with the ability to pose questions to the speakers prior to the live presentation. We are hopeful that the attendees will make use of this feature to make the most of their experience.


Year Location Dates General Chair Program Chair
2012 Dearborn, MI June 17-20 Ali Emadi Alireza Khaligh
2013 Dearborn, MI June 16-19 Alireza Khaligh Mahesh Krishnamurthy
2014 Dearborn, MI June 15-18 Mahesh Krishnamurthy Anand Sathyan
2015 Dearborn, MI June 14-17 Anand Sathyan Berker Bilgin
2016 Dearborn, MI June 27-29 Berker Bilgin Omer Onar
2017 Chicago, IL June 22-24 Omer Onar Xiaodong Shi
2018 Long Beach, CA June 13-15 Bulent Sarlioglu Jin Ye & Matthias Priendl
2019 Novi, MI June 17-19 Jin Ye Babak Nahid-Mobarakeh
2020 Virtual Conference June 26-29 Babak Nahid-Mobarakeh Srdjan Lukic
2021 Virtual Conference June 21-25 Srdjan Lukic Matthias Priendl

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