Keynote Speakers

12 keynote speakers are planned around key topics related to Electrification, Sustainability, Aerospace, and much more.

Feature One

Alexander Hitzinger

Board Member, Advisor of several Tech-Companies

Feature Two

Vincent Schachter

Head of Global Energy Services, ENEL X e-Mobility

Feature Three

Gur Kimchi

Ascent Aerosystems and Vertical Aerospace

Feature One

Peter Savagian

Advisor, C-exec, Board Member

Christine Andrews

Hybrid Electric Systems Lead for GE Aviation

Anna Stefanopoulou

William Clay Ford Professor of Technology, Professor Mechanical Engineering University of Michigan

Feature Two

Robert Pearce

Associate Administrator, NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate

Galen Chui

Senior Vice President of Engineering and Products at Cubic Transportation Systems.

Minggao Ouyang

Professor and Director of the China-US Clean Vehicle Joint Research Center at Tsinghua University

Feature Three

Terence Ward

Senior Staff Engineer, Motor and Propulsion, Faraday Future

Jean Thomassin 

Executive Director, New Product and Service Introduction Pratt & Whitney Canada 

Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Expert at the National Science Foundation & Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

Town Hall Panels

This year at ITEC+EATS will host three town hall panels. Each panel will have six to eight highly positioned speakers in the industry. These panels are meant to be interactive and provide ample time for discussion between panelist and audience.

Power Electronics for Aerospace Workshop Series (PEASA)-High Voltage

The workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers, engineers, policy makers, and stakeholders to share latest developments of power electronics technologies for aerospace applications.

Industry Panels

Industry panels bring together 4-5 experts around a specific topic. Each expert will give a short presentation followed by Q&A.


Six tutorials are planned for this year’s conference. 90 minutes of in depth coverage of a topic.

Design of Electrified Propulsion Aircraft

Advanced Battery Management Techniques: Advanced Adaptive Cell Modeling

Accelerating Battery Advances: From the Ground to the Air

Introduction to Sustainable Aviation

Capacitors for Aerospace Energy Storage and More

Thermal Loss Modeling for System-Level Simulations of Automotive Applications

Short Courses

Six short courses are planned for this year’s conference. 3 hours of in depth coverage of a topic.

and Fuel Cells for Aircraft Electrification

Powertrain Modeling: Degradation and Lifetime of Powertrain

Using Simulink for Battery Systems Development

eMachine Optimization: From Machine Parameters to Thermals and NVH

Software Defined Power Electronics

Machine Design: Traction Vs. Aircraft

Industry Sessions

These sessions are given by experts in the industry to address specific innovations and solutions in transportation electrification.

Technical Sessions

More than 300 digests have been submitted to the 2022 ITEC+EATS conference. The final, accepted papers will be presented in two poster sessions and twenty oral presentation sessions. The presentation sessions will cover areas including:

Electric Machines for Aerospace and Traction Applications

Vehicle Chargers: Wireless, Onboard and Fast

Aircraft and Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Energy Storage: State Estimation, Modeling, Design

Vehicle to Grid and Power Systems

Control of Motors, Power Electronics, and Vehicle Systems

Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Mobility, and Fault Diagnostics

Wide Bandgap Inverters and DC/DC Converters

Optimal Control of DC/DC Converters

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