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Keynote Speakers

Ryan J. Kennedy, PE
Co-Founder of Atom Power, Inc
Jackie DiMarco
Director - Product Line Management at Ford Motor Company
Sanjaka G. Wirasingha
R&D Director for Powertrain Electrified Mobility at Valeo Americas
Claus Daniel
Associate Laboratory Director for Advanced Energy Technologies (AET). 
Alex Cattelan
Chief Operating Officer for Fermata Energy
Arshan Khan
Director of Power Electronics and Electric Machines at CNH Industrial America. 
Christine Andrews
Hybrid electric systems executive leader GE Aerospace
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Revolutionizing Electrified Mobility with Autonomy & Connectivity

June 19, Wednesday, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Moderator: Atriya Biswas (McMaster University)

Elliot Huangfu (McMaster University)
Nick Goberville (ANL)
Shobhit Gupta (General Motors)
Arun Kumar Verma (IIT Jammu)Sanyogeeta Lawande (Ford Motor company)

June 19, Wednesday, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Moderator: Ramakrishna Garine (Caterpiller Inc.)

Shanmukh Sarode (Parker Hannifin)
Jason McConnell (Workhorse)
Perry Li (Professor University of Minnesota)
Eric Severson (Professor, University of Minnesota)
Dr. Suresh Natarajan (Senior Manager, Dana Inc.)

Off-highway vehicle Electrification

From “Need” to “Speed”!


Elizabeth Trickett, MDA Space

Ashish Rana; Diego Valencia Garcia, Stellantis; Rupert Tull de Salis Dana Inc


This panel will go through the high performance motor drive pipeline from the inception of the requirements and specifications of a motor drive system to its development, manufacture and deployment. Industry experts in power electronics, motor controls, motor design and manufacturing will discuss their pieces that make this process work. The panel will focus on similarities and differences across motor applications and how the pipeline has developed and where it’s going.

Sustainable Freight Transportation

Time: June 20, Thursday, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Moderator: Vishnu Pandi (Cummins)

Jeffrey Diwakar, Cummins
Nadia Gkritza, Purdue
Bart Sowa, GTI Energy
Robert Wimmer , Toyota

Emerging EV Charging technology and policy trends (Plenary Panel)


Binesh Kumar, IEEE

Riddhi Padariya, Heirloom


 1. Uday Deshpande, D&V Electronics
2. Ted Bohn, Argonne National Laboratory
3. Erik Anderson, Curbside Electric
4. Anjan Kumar, Frost & Sullivan
5. Subho Mukherjee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
6. Ryan Kennedy, Atom Power


The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is driven by rapid technological advancements and supportive policies. This plenary panel convenes experts to discuss the latest trends and innovations in EV charging technology and policy.

Key topics include:

  1. Fast-Charging Advancements: Examining rapid charging technologies that reduce range anxiety and reshape long-distance travel and urban infrastructure.
  2. Hydrogen vs. Lithium-Ion Charging Trends: Comparing the potential of hydrogen fueling and lithium-ion charging systems to meet long-term energy needs.
  3. Smart Charging Systems: Exploring smart charging solutions that optimize energy use, reduce grid strain, and integrate renewable energy.
  4. Policy Initiatives and Regulatory Frameworks: Evaluating policies influencing infrastructure and whether governments should prioritize lithium-ion or hydrogen charging.
  5. Equity and Accessibility: Addressing how charging infrastructure can equitably serve diverse communities and drive sustainable development.

Join us for a stimulating discussion on the future of EV charging and its impact on transportation and sustainability.

Advanced Battery technology

Time: June 20, Thursday, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Moderator: Weihan Li (RWTH Aachen)


Noah Paulson, Argonne National Laboratory

Juner Zhu, Northeastern University

Oindrilla Dutta, Sandia National Laboratories

Weihan Li, RWTH Aachen

Ryan Ahmed, McMaster University

Grid-Tied Electric Vehicle Integration with Artificial Intelligence Advancements

Time: June 20, Thursday, 4:30 – 6:00 PM

Moderator: Dr. Sheldon Williamson (Ontario Tech. University)

Dr. Anurag Srivastava, West Virginia University
Rick Szymczyk, Automotive Centre of Excellence, Ontario Tech University
Dr. Sanjida Moury, Lakehead University
Mohammed Fahim, Lead Electrical Engineer, IntellectuLogy Solutions Inc.
Radha Krishnamoorthy, ORNL
Dr. Jinia Roy, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Oral and Poster Sessions

25 Oral Sessions and 2 poster sessions are planned for ITEC 2024. Use these links to explore the papers and schedule for each.
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