ITEC 2021 is being held in a virtual format.


The conference is highlighting HIL and Virtual Prototyping as a theme for this year, but is welcoming presentations and connections from a variety of sources.

Industry Opportunities:

1. Pre-Recorded Demo: 10-15 minutes in length. – $500 per video

2. Industry Session: 30 minute live session included in agenda – $500 per session

3. Media Highlight: 1 industry highlight email, 1 industry highlight post on

social media, links on the website, conference app and optional sponsor banner in the app. – $1000


What to expect for a virtual conference in 2021


Watch a demo of industry involvement in a virtual environment for ITEC 2021.

450+ attendees
677 Private Messages Exchanged
233 Personalized Agendas
Hours of live interaction
In-App messaging with attendees
Interactive exhibitor profile
Lead generation
Connection to attendees through social media and email
and more...


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“ITEC is the perfect audience for our company. We have made great connections here!”

Cathy Knapp, Cogent Power


“Thank you very much for the fantastic management of the ITEC conference.

It has progressed a lot since the first event in Detroit, 8 years ago.”

Evgeni Ganev, Honeywell


Questions about exhibiting?

Email the ITEC Event Coordinator

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