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Press Release

ITEC 2023: Accelerating Innovation in Transportation Electrification

ITEC 2023, IEEE's premier conference on transportation electrification, exceeded expectations as experts, researchers, and industry leaders converged at the newly renovated Huntington Place Convention Center in downtown Detroit. The conference program was filled with cutting-edge presentations, groundbreaking demonstrations, and thought-provoking discussions, fueling innovation in transportation electrification. Attendees had the opportunity to forge valuable connections, explore state-of-the-art exhibits, and left feeling inspired to propel the industry towards a sustainable and electrifying future.

Throughout the event, we were privileged to hear from our renowned keynote speakers who shared their invaluable insights. Said Al-Hallaj shed light on the Li-on battery's performance under extreme conditions, while Terry Alger captivated the audience with his exploration of the challenges and solutions towards achieving net zero CO2 emissions in the transportation sector. Adding to the remarkable lineup of speakers, Fabrizio Martini took the stage with a captivating session titled "Overcoming Limiting Factors through Software & ML/AI - How Industry Leaders are Innovating to Meet Performance Standards." Tim Reeser enlightened us on the rapid growth expected in the market for electrifying vocational vehicles over the next five years. Jing Sun, an expert in ship electrification, focused on the control and optimization of integrated power systems, sharing her wealth of knowledge.

The conference committee also introduced new student initiatives for 2023. Among them, a mentorship luncheon sponsored by PELS TC4 provided students with the opportunity to engage with industry experts, discussing future trends and career opportunities in transportation. Additionally, an engaging coilwinding competition organized by Manutech Assembly was held. Stay tuned for more exciting details about upcoming student initiatives in 2024!

ITEC 2023 Best Paper Awards

"A Distance-Based Health Indicator for RUL Prediction of Power Electronics”
Qian Yang, Shailesh Joshi, Hiroshi Ukegawa, Raymond Viviano, and Krishna R. Pattipati

"DC Link Voltage Control Strategy for Electric Propulsion Aircraft”
Peilin Liu, Xianwu Zeng, Ravi-Kiran Surapaneni, Gowtham Galla, Ludovic Ybanez, and Xiaoze Pei

"A Single-Phase Single-Stage Charger for High Voltage Batteries”
Utsav Sharma and Bhim Singh

ITEC 2023 Best Student Paper Awards

"Orthogonal Autoencoders for Long-Term State-of-Charge Forecasting of Li-Ion Battery Cells”
Wael Hassanieh, Mayuresh Savargaonkar, and Abdallah Chehade

"Stray Current and Rail Potential Dynamic Emulator for Urban Rail Transit System”
Huanxu Shao, Xiaofeng Yang, Yanfang He, and Trillion Q. Zheng

"Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Vernier Machine with Single-Wound Dual-Stator and Spoke Permanent Magnet Rotor for Electric Vehicle In-Wheel Traction”
Ali Mohammadi, Yaser Chulaee, Aaron Cramer, Ion Boldea, and
Dan M Ionel

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