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ITEC 2023


All questions related to the contest should be addressed to: Phillip Kollmeyer [email protected]
Dataset & Online SOC Estimator Submission Portal
  • Information

    The IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference (ITEC) invites you to participate in the 2023 ITEC Battery State of Charge Estimation Student Challenge. With the huge growth of battery applications, state estimation is becoming an ever more important skill for engineers. The contest is a great opportunity to develop new skills – last year’s winning team had no prior experience in state of charge estimation – or to showcase the quality of algorithms you have already developed and published. Winning teams will receive a cash award and have the opportunity to showcase their results at ITEC 2023!
  • Challenge:

    Competitors will be challenged to create the best performing electric vehicle battery state of charge estimation algorithm. Teams will be provided with a high-quality dataset consisting of Li-ion battery characterization and drive cycle test data over a wide range of temperatures. Teams will submit their algorithms in MATLAB script format via an electronic portal. Algorithms will be tested automatically using a set of data which the competitors are blind to, and the error for each test case will be reported back. This blinded SOC estimation development approach allows for a fair comparison of the submitted algorithms. The winner will be selected primarily based on quantitative performance metrics. Algorithms do not need to be new or unique. Teams are encouraged to use algorithms from their current or prior research and from the literature, as much of the effort is in the algorithm implementation & tuning/training.
  • Eligibility:

    Each student can only be on one team. Conference registration is not needed to participate.
    Teams can consist of the following: -Undergraduate students
    -Graduate students
    -Combined undergrad and graduate students
  • Schedule:

    Contest sign up form (open till April 30, 2023):

    Teams submit requests for information / clarification: Continuously, but no later than May 31, 2023

    Teams submit final SOC estimators and brief summary report no later than June 14, 2023

    Winning teams announced at ITEC 2023, June 21-23, 2023

  • Prize – Sponsored by MathWorks:

    1st Place: $750

    2nd Place: $500

    3rd Place: $250

    Each winning team will also have the opportunity to present a poster and receive one free registration if they would like to attend the conference

    Battery State Of Charge Estimation Student Challenge Flyer

ITEC 2023 Student Attendance Grants

The Power Electronics Society (PELS) has sponsored a travel reimbursement program for students who present a paper at PELS-sponsored conferences and workshops. The objective of student travel grants is to increase student participation at IEEE conferences and workshops.

Eligibility: To be eligible, students must have a paper accepted and present the paper, be an IEEE Student Member, and be a PELS member. Preference will be given to students who are the first author on a paper and with more than one accepted paper.

Selection of Recipients: Travel support recipients will be chosen so that students from as many countries as possible receive support. In case there are more applicants than available funds for travel reimbursement, preference will be given to the best papers according to the review rating and to students who have not previously been part of the program.

Reimbursement: All Travel Support reimbursements are at the discretion of the Committee. Any decisions made by the Committee are final and cannot be appealed or debated. Reimbursement of costs will be done after the conference has concluded and students have sent in the necessary reimbursement forms and receipts.

Deadline for applications: April 3rd
Dates for notification of acceptance: April 12th

Grant Application

ITEC 2023 Coil Winding Competition

What –
Competition among student teams to complete the fastest, cleanest coil winding among competing teams. First place to win $500, Second to win $350 and third to win $150

Why –
To increase student awareness and skill in coil winding while also promoting excitement and participation in the exhibit hall.

When –
To be scheduled during the Expo Hall Reception on Wednesday, June 21st.

Open to teams of 2-3 students.

This competition will be open to applications by students interested in participating on site. The aim for this would be to promote interest and skill in an essential component of machine design. The goal would also to increase exhibitor participation in students with cash incentives for applying to compete.

Outline of competition:
Each team would be provided the basic materials for coil winding. The teams may have members of 2-3 students who will alternate winding for 30 seconds. An announcer will keep time and act as a referee during the competition. Up to three teams can compete at once. The team to win a round will compete in the next bracket. The final three teams will be ranked by time.

Competition Application
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