Will the conference be cancelled?

No, the conference will not be cancelled. In the event that there are regional closures due to Covid-19, the conference is prepared to run fully virtual.


Will I get a refund if I am unable to get a visa?

The refund policy is posted on the registration tab of the ITEC website. In the event that every attempt to obtain a visa has been made, then refunds will be made on a case by case basis. Authors will still be required to present, either virtually or have someone present for them in person in order to be published with the conference.


Will my paper be accepted if I can’t present at the conference?

No, all papers must be presented in order to be published. Any papers that are not presented will be removed from the publication before being sent to IEEE.


Will the registration fee be reduced if it is entirely online?

Yes, reduced fees for virtual attendance are already posted in the registration site. In the case that the conference goes entirely virtual, the current virtual fees will apply. Refunds of the difference will be issued for any attendees who registered at the In-Person rate.


Will the presentations be live or recorded?

All presentations will be either pre-recorded and streamed live or recorded on site and streamed to online viewers.


How many Keynotes and Short Courses will there be?

8 Keynotes, 5 Short Courses, 5 Tutorials and 8 Panels are planned for ITEC 2021


Can I get access for tutorials and short courses only?

Yes, ITEC 2021 is launching its first option for tutorial and short course access following the conference. All conference attendees will have access to the presentations and slides following the conference and on demand viewing will be available for purchase to non-attendees.


Have a question that was not answered here? Email the conference coordinator at itec@rna-associates.com



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