The ITEC 2021 Organizing Committee has a great team of highly invested individuals that have built a program that aims to address the wide scope of challenges to sustainable transportation. ITEC’s program endeavors to provide attendees first with a broad view of transportation infrastructure from an administration level, to then lead them through the individual components of the sustainable transportation industry.


Keynote Speakers:

Ken Morris

Executive Chief Engineer of Global Electric Propulsion Systems, GM


Martin Bush

Engineering Manager, Electrification, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group


Tara Vatcher

Global Director for Software Architecture and Engineering – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles


Zilai Zhao

Director, eMobility Engineering – Systems, E-Components and HV Batteries – Navistar, Inc


Dwarka Simili

Global Senior Manager – Controls, Power Drive Systems – BorgWarner


Armen Baronian

Director, Advanced Technology and Innovation Group – Eaton Aerospace



Director of the Electrification Program at Safran Electrical & Power


Dimitrios Papageorgopoulos

Manager Fuel Cell Technologies, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, DOE


Short Courses and Tutorials:

Short Courses and Tutorials are now available for preview. Registered attendees can sign in here to view. Live Q&A with the presenter is scheduled during the week of the conference. You can type in questions in the Q&A box next to the video for the presenter to answer during live Q&A.


Electric Powertrain: Power Electronics and Drives for Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles

John Hayes – University College Cork & Dr. G. Abas Goodarzi – US Hybrid & US Fuelcell


Wireless Power Transfer

Omer Onar – Oak Ridge National Labs


Challenges and Solutions of WBG based Power Electronics for Vehicle Electrification

Lihua Chen – Ford Motor Company & Jin Wang – Ohio State University


Aircraft Transportation Electrification Eco-System and Technologies

Rodger Dyson – NASA


Stray Current in Rail Transit: History, Challenges and Opportunities

Xiaofeng Yang – Beijing Jiaotong University


Calibrating Optimal IPMSM Torque Control with Flux-Weakening Using Model-Based Calibration

Dakai Hu – Mathworks


How to Be Mobile with GaN Power Technology

John Glaser – Efficient Power Conversion


High Performance Voltage Doubler – The Fast Charging Booster for the Porsche Taycan

Holger Fink – BRUSA Electronik AG


EMC Designs and Considerations for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Michele Liu – Tesla


e-NVH of Electric Traction Motors: Focus on Physics of Noise and Vibration Due to Magnetic Forces

Jean Le Besnerais – Eomys Engineering



Industry sessions:

Industry Panels:


Emerging technologies for aircraft electrification

Kamiar J. Karimi – Boeing
Sean Clark – NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
Satish Prabhakaran – GE
Sara Roggia – MagniX


Power Electronics in Electrified Automotive Applications

Lihua Chen – Ford Motors
Rashmi Prasad – GM
Richard Hampo – Delta Electronics
Ming Su – Rohm Semi


Commercial Vehicle Electrification

Yanming Hou – Oshkosh
Fan Wu – Rivian
Eric Vilar – John Deere
Akm Arafat – Cummins
Yash Singh – Eaton Corporation


Battery Management Challenges in Transportation Electrification

Bob Hess – BAE Systems
Sheldon Williamson – University of Ontario
Kandler A. Smith – NREL
Ben Tabatowski-Bush – Ford


Transportation Electrification: Policy, Infrastructure and Grid Impacts

Matteo Muratori – NREL
Ziping Wu – ComEd
Mike Rowand – Duke Energy
Craig Rodine – ChargePoint


EV Motor Designs

Bruno Lequesne – E-Motors Consulting, LLC
Kirk Neet – BorgWarner, USA
Lei Hao – GM R&D, USA
James Goss – Motor Design LTD, UK
Ian Brown – IIT Chicago


Virtual Prototyping and Virtual Design

Uday Deshpande – D&V Electronics
Chris Farnell – University of Arkansas
Scott Johnson – John Deere


Extreme Fast Charging

Omer Onar – ORNL
Theodore Bohn – ANL
Jim Andriotis – Cavotec
Edward Naczek – Schunk Carbon Technology
Rui Zhou – EnerSys

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