The Path to Zero Emissions at the Port of Long Beach

Heather Tomley, Acting Managing Director, Planning & Environmental Affairs Bureau, Port of Long Beach, California

BorgWarner 48V Inverter Product Development: Trends and Challenges

Dwarka Simili, Global Sr. Engineering Manager – Controls, Power Drive Systems (PDS), BorgWarner

Electric Vehicle Charging – Key to Energy Transition

Professor Pavol Bauer, Delft University of Technology

Insights from DOE’s SMART Mobility Research Program

Ann M. Schlenker, Director, Center for Transportation Research, Argonne National Laboratory

The Hyperloop Levitation System

Tim Lambert, Lead Electromagnetic Design Engineer for Levitation and Guidance Systems, Virgin Hyperloop One


Short Courses/tutorials

An Integrated Power Electronic & Control Design Solution

Edwin Fonkwe, Principal Engineer with Typhoon HIL

The Role Probabilistic Modeling and Simulation in Electric Vehicle Grid Integration

I Safak Bayram, Lecturer (Chancellor’s Fellow), University of Strathclyde

Functional Testing of Electric Vehicle Components & Systems

Ben Jackson, Senior Applications Engineer, NH Research

Reliability Assessment and Condition Monitoring of SiC MOSFETs

Bilal Akin, Professor, University of Texas-Dallas and Fei Yang, System Engineer, Texas Instruments

Battery System Design Using Modeling and Simulation

Javier Gazzarri, Principal Application Engineer, MathWorks

EVs and EV Charging – Challenges and Potential Benefits for the Grid

Jim McDowall, Senior Technical Advisor, Saft


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