ITEC+EATS would like to give a large congratulations to all of our award winners this year!
Registered attendees of the conference can find and read the award winning papers by visiting the Whova page.

Best Paper Awards

1.“SiC Based Solid State Circuit Breaker: Thermal Design and Analysis” 
By Chunmeng Xu, Xiaoqing Song, Pietro Cairoli   

2.“Analytical Calculation of Equivalent Circuit Parameters and Operational Inductance in Multiple-Pole Slotless PMSMs” 
By Xiaolong Zhang, Kiruba S. Haran, Jianqiao Xiao   

3.“Fault Diagnosis in Lithium-ion Battery of Hybrid Electric Aircraft based on Structural Analysis” 
By Ye Cheng, Matilde D’Arpino, Giorgio Rizzoni 

4.“Modeling and Simulation of a Parallel Hybrid Electric Regional Aircraft for the Electrified Powertrain Flight Demonstration (EPFD) Program”  
By Gokcin Cinar, Yu Cai, Russell K. Denney, Dimitri N. Mavris 

Best Student Paper Awards

1.“A Polynomial Regression Model with Bayesian Inference for State-of-Health Prediction of Li-ion Batteries”  
By Isaiah Oyewole, Meriam Chelbi, Abdallah Chehade, and Ala A. Hussein  

2.“A 4kV/100A DC Solid-State Circuit Breaker with Soft Turn-off Operation” 
By Reza Kheirollahi, Shuyan Zhao, Xin Zan, Hua Zhang, Xiaonan Lu 3, Al-Thaddeus Avestruz, and Fei Lu  

3.“High-Frequency Modeling and Inter-Turn Voltage Distribution Analysis of a Modular Electric Machine for Electric Aircraft Propulsion” 
By Hao Zeng, James Swanke, Thomas M. Jahns, Bulent Sarlioglu 

Energy Storage Competition Awards

First place, “A Multi-layer Perceptron based Battery State of Charge Estimator”
by Varsha Pendyala, Sangwhee Lee, FNU Nishanth, Shalini Manna, Nathan Petersen

Second place, “Feedforward Deep Neural Network SOC Estimator with average inputs”
by Junran Chen

Tied for third, “DYNN SOC estimator”
by Federico Miretti, Matteo Acquarone, Matteo Spano

Tied for third, “ENEA net for SOC estimation”
by Sara Luciani, Alessia Musa 

2022 IEEE/AIAA ITEC+EATS Aerospace Student Design Competition Award

1st Place
Team: Adam Sherwood, Carleton University

2nd Place
Team: Se2a-Te2am, Leon Fauth, Leibniz University Hannover

3rd Place
Team: UIUC Power Group, Anubhav Bose and Nathan Marchosky, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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